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Get it right the first time with a complete end-to-end portfolio of industry-leading software and  hardware solutions for composite parts and technical textiles. Lectra’s integrated solutions are driven by IoT to ensure accuracy, optimize productivity, maximize material utilization and minimize labor requirements.  

Why Composite Materials

Industry challenges: Composites & Technical Textiles

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How Lectra can help you

How Lectra can help you

A single solution for every material

With most composite and technical textile manufacturers utilizing a variety of materials and sizes in their production, it’s important you have a flexible and versatile solution that can handle it all. With several tool heads and advanced vision systems, the Gerber Z1 industrial fabric cutting machines offer industry-leading versatility that can cut a multitude of materials with absolute precision and accuracy. 

Seamless data integration from CAD to the cut room

Be agile and flexible with a fully integrated solution from design to the cut room. Accurately create patterns for production based on your product’s unique characteristics, improve cut planning, and optimize the cutting process with next-generation CAD, nesting and cut planning software that seamlessly passes data from the design to the cut room 

Industry-leading nesting and cutting software

Our powerful software provides a simple solution to the most common problems in the composite and technical textile industries. Even when working with the most difficult materials, such as fiberglass, dry and prepreg carbon fiber, canvas, vinyl, nylon, Cordura® and more, our software solutions make it easy to identify cut parts and automate the nesting process, resulting in more accurate cut parts and improved material utilization. By leveraging our cutting edge solutions, you’ll have the highest quality, perfectly finished products.

Cut quality at the speed you need

With a fully connected solution, you’re able to mass produce the highest quality products in no time. With Gerber’s advanced multi-ply spreading and cutting solutions, you’re able to seamlessly pass data from CAD to the cut room. The Gerber Atria™ Digital Cutter can cut high plys of composite material with unmatched speed and precision while reducing labor and material costs, significantly improving your ROI. 

Unrivalled cut quality and unparalleled ease of use

DCS enhances productivity, product quality and expedites time to market. It is the ideal cutter for manufacturers and suppliers in Composites and Technical Textile industries. DCS combines cut-window flexibility, advanced vision-technology, and ease-of-use to ensure accuracy and precision in every cut; enabling customers to achieve the best combination of productivity, cutting speed and finished product quality.

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