Gerber YuniquePLM version 9.8

1 hour

Get a full understanding of the new features and benefits of the latest version of YuniquePLM.

Gerber YuniquePLM continues to grow with more features designed to help you reach your goals.

Each release of Gerber YuniquePLM enhances your user experience, increases your visibility, and ensures that you stay seamlessly connected throughout your entire product development process.

YuniquePLM 9.8

Lectra's release of Gerber YuniquePLM version 9.8 showcases features that continue to push Lectra PLM even further!

Attend our webinar to learn how to improve the product development process:

  • Design Suite+, Image Catalog App: Manage your image catalog directly in Adobe Illustrator
  • Continuation of Partner Permissions: New functionality being built in
  • Enhanced User Experience: Making your life easier with each release.
  • Notifications On: Notification reminders allow you to never miss anything.

And much more! 


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