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Reinvention is the biggest trend right now. Join us in rebuilding fashion’s future on November 8.

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Defining fashion’s new normal together

We have learned some valuable lessons from the pandemic, which has brought about and highlighted many issues, such as environmental sustainability, supply chain shortages, talent attrition, and inflation. Additionally, we are now in the midst of an energy crisis where rising gas prices are threatening the businesses and livelihood of many. 

Fashion is at a turning point. Many of us have to make decisions that will define this industry for years to come. There is much talk about our new normal, and how we should adapt to it. But let’s take a step further. What if we could all come together and define what fashion’s new normal should be? With the help of technology, we can play a more conscious role in this industry. Together we can lay the foundation for a bigger, brighter and greener future for fashion.

On November 8, 2022, we are gathering some of the best minds of fashion to explore how we can rebuild its future together. How can we turn these challenges into opportunities and leverage this regrowth in the best way possible? Most importantly, how can we contribute positively to this industry and pave the way for better business practices? Register now for our worldwide digital event to glean some valuable insights from industry experts on this subject.

Get valuable insights from the best minds of fashion

‘Fashion at a turning point’ is a two-hour livestream event with five main topics of discussion, hosted by Chris Rowe. For each panel, there will be a guest speaker accompanied by a Lectra expert.

Guest speakers

  • Deborah Weinswig, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Coresight Research Coresight Research helps retail clients accelerate innovation and growth. It focuses on disruption at the intersection of retail and technology – and help its customers understand what it means for their business.
  • Michael Lemner, Chief Executive Officer, Tim-Tam Consulting Micheal Lemner has worked in fashion retail for more than 35 years. His breadth of experience stems from occupying senior positions at well-known companies such as H&M, New Look, Bally, Hop Lun and LolaLiza. He is now a consultant for several international fashion brands and start-ups, all of which he is also a board member.
  • Dr. Delman Lee, Vice Chair, TAL Apparel TAL Apparel Limited, established in 1947 with its headquarters in Hong Kong, is well-known as the supplier of one out of every six men’s dress shirts sold on the U.S. market. TAL Apparel is driven by a simple formula of combining quality garments, on-time delivery, product innovation and sustainability. The end-goal is to offer technologically advanced garments of superior design, comfort, and functionality.
  • Isabelle Lefort, Co-founder, Paris Good Fashion Paris Good Fashion aims to make Paris the capital of eco-responsible fashion by 2024. It is an association created based on the 1901 law that federates fashion professionals (designers, NGOs, institutions, etc.).  Paris Good Fashion works to improve and transform the practices of fashion companies with strong ties to Paris, by developing evaluation tools (such as questionnaires, benchmarks, performance measurement metrics), and working groups to focus on solving major industry issues.  
  • Hans de Foer, 'Savoir-Faire’ programs Director, Institut Français de la Mode Institut Français de la Mode is an open-minded and visionary fashion school that nurtures tomorrow’s fashion professionals specializing in design, management and savoir-faire. With a digital mindset, the school uses technology as the backbone of their teaching and organizational methods.


Our Lectra experts

  • Mathieu Bonenfant, Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, Fashion
  • Katia Cahen, Director, Marketing Intelligence, Fashion
  • Elie Khayath, Director, Social Corporate Responsibility, Fashion
  • Greg Zemor, Chief Executive Officer, Neteven (a Lectra company)

Event Agenda 

1 - The future of retail

The state of retail conditions the supply chain, hence shaping the way we design, develop, produce and manage talent. In this session Deborah Weinswig will give an overview of the current fashion landscape, identify new trends and business opportunities for fashion companies to seize, taking a deep dive into digital twins, livestreaming supply chains and quick commerce.

Speaker: Deborah Weinswig, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Coresight Research

2 - Pivoting retail during challenging times

With new consumer behavior, digitalization, direct-to-consumer players and economic conditions, how can retail companies focus and decide on which processes to change, and which not to?  How can they forecast trends and opportunities better than their competitors? What are the fundamentals of achieving success in retail? Get these questions answered by our experts!

Speakers: Michael Lemner, Chief Executive Officer, Tim-Tam Consulting, and Greg Zemor, Chief Executive Officer, Neteven, a Lectra company.

3 - Building supply chain resilience in the midst of uncertainty

In this session, we are going to examine some key takeaways from this pandemic and how fashion companies can thrive by building resilience and agility into their supply chain. How can they de-risk their supply chains and make them fault-tolerant even when the market is volatile and unpredictable? Get some tips on how to do so.

Speakers: Dr. Delman Lee, Vice Chair, TAL Apparel, and Mathieu Bonenfant, Vice President Marketing Strategy, Fashion, Lectra.

4 - The green consumer paradox: Can fashion be environmentally sustainable, affordable and profitable?

With environmental disasters happening across the world, such as the floods in Pakistan, drought in France, and forest fires in California, it is clear that environmental sustainability is a priority – especially for the fashion industry. While fashion companies are keen on becoming more eco-friendly by changing their practices, consumers are still unwilling to pay higher prices for their products. Instead of waiting for the consumer to change, how can they lead change? Is it possible to solve this paradox?

Speakers: Isabelle Lefort, Co-founder, Paris Good Fashion, and Elie Khayath,  Elie Khayath, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Lectra.

5 - Passing on fashion savoir-faire to next-generation talent

Fashion production cycles are getting shorter due to constantly changing trends. Fashion companies are implementing technology to speed up the design-to-production process but how can they strike a balance between innovation and protecting their savoir-faire? Talent management is becoming a tricky subject for fashion companies. They have to overcome the challenge of passing on traditional values and knowledge to the younger generation of professionals while keeping up with technological progress and speaking the language of these digital natives.

Speakers: Hans de Foer, 'Savoir-Faire’ programs Director, Institut Français de la Mode, and Katia Cahen, Marketing Intelligence Director, Lectra.

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