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Modaris V8R5 is now available!

Released in April 2023, our latest version of Modaris simplifies and error-proofs the patternmaking process so that you can create high quality patterns with speed and accuracy

A brand new way of patternmaking, with your help

This new version of Modaris is a result of a customer feedback loop - we improved the solution based on your suggestions.

Error-proof your patternmaking process 

  • Increase cost savings
  • Improve the quality of your patterns
  • Save time and gain agility with optimized workflows
  • Improve 3D prototyping by simulating multiple garments on an avatar and making 3D/2D modifications
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New 2D features: Maximized efficiency and accuracy through a more automated process

Automatic syncing of seam values between pattern pieces

Sync seam values with just one click!
The "Link Seam Values" function allows users to sync seam values of pattern pieces that belong to one or various garments. This helps you speed up and error-proof your pattern development process since it ensures that all assembly values are consistent from design to adjustment stages.

Grading seam values (an Industry-first feature!)

Adapt seam values to different pattern sizes using the "Link Seam Values to Constant Measurement" function. This is advantageous for professionals handling a wide size range, especially in childrenswear and lingerie, where elastic bands of various widths are often used.

Conserving original seam corners for new pattern pieces

Use the "Keep Corners" function to retain the same seam corners of a pattern piece when extracting a new one. This will dramatically accelerate the product development process, as users will not need to systematically apply them once more.

Additional 2D features

Apply notches to specific layers rather than all layers; Clear layers from previous models for better visualization; Display cutlines in priority for production

New 3D features: Faster and more efficient fitting review sessions

Combining two garments in one fitting session

Combine two fitting sessions into one with the latest Modaris! You can now choose to test out two garment simulations on a single mannequin in 3D.

Automatic curving of pre-positioned pieces

The outlines of pre-positioned pattern pieces can be automatically curved on 3D mannequins during interactive pattern assembly sessions.

Improving your curves using Bezier points

Modify the geometry of your Bezier curves quickly and without fuss by adding or removing Bezier control points.

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