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Gerber AccuMark and Modaris are now compatible

Both Modaris and Gerber AccuMark users can now collaborate seamlessly with each other, thanks to the new compatibility of these two solutions.

The rising need for interoperability among fashion CAD systems

The lack of interoperability among various CAD systems has become a major challenge for the fashion industry with companies’ expanding network of partners and suppliers. There is an urgent need for more interoperability between different software systems to facilitate collaboration between process stakeholders.

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Software compatibility is a result of synergy between Lectra and Gerber

Thanks to Lectra and Gerber joining forces, Modaris and Gerber AccuMark customers now have access to modules that speed up and error-proof the pattern file conversion process.

Customers that use both Gerber AccuMark and Modaris can now share data between both systems without any problems. This also allows all fashion companies to collaborate seamlessly with their partners using other CAD systems by improving communication, boosting productivity and reducing errors associated with pattern file conversion.  


The importance of automatic pattern file conversion

Most pattern file conversions take place during product development, where brands ask their suppliers to make last-minute adjustments to their prototypes.

This allows brands to verify the changes that have been made. By the end of the product development process, suppliers usually send back the approved model before launching production. Having a compatible CAD software helps tremendously as brands will be able to archive production-ready files that contain complete data, for future use.


How to convert pattern files

For Gerber AccuMark users

Gerber AccuMark users will be able to use their Data Conversion Utility or Pattern Design tool in the software to convert Modaris patterns into the Gerber AccuMark format. This allows users to open Modaris V8 files directly in Gerber AccuMark, which was previously unfeasible with the older Gerber AccuMark software versions.

This new function prevents data loss, as users no longer have to convert an MDL file into a DXF-AAMA or DXF-ASTM format first. This simplifies the conversion process and allows brands and manufacturers to co-develop products more efficiently.


For Modaris users

Modaris users who have installed the latest version can now convert Gerber AccuMark files with a new web application called Pattern Converter.

Pattern Converter enables users to convert Gerber AccuMark files into the Modaris format with a simple drag-and-drop upload. The converted files can then be downloaded and opened in Modaris. Users can access Pattern Converter through MyLectra, a digital platform that also provides services such as online technical support, e-training guides and manuals.

Break communication barriers among your product development stakeholders

Not only do these intuitive, easy-to-use applications allow users to avoid the time-consuming, error-prone manual conversion process but they also enable companies to reduce data conversion costs, increase collaboration opportunities and boost productivity by streamlining communication between teams and departments.

The objectives of these latest developments are to:

  • unite Lectra and Gerber communities, with the compatibility between the two solutions.
  • remove constraints between brands and contractors caused by software incompatibility and enable them to collaborate with more supply chain actors.
  • improve communication quality between brands and suppliers for them to have better control over the value chain and simplify the product co-development process.
  • facilitate file exchange for companies that are using multiple CAD systems or working with partners using other CAD systems, hence reducing the time spent on converting files manually and the risk of costly errors.


Other advantages of upgrading your CAD software

Software compatibility is not the only benefit that you can gain from using the latest version of Modaris or Gerber AccuMark. The latest Modaris and Gerber AccuMark releases also have new features that enable users to:

  • Error-proof the patternmaking process to reduce costs and improve quality
  • Optimize patternmaking activities to save time and gain agility
  • Improve 3D prototyping activities with true-to-life rendering and 3D/2D modifications

How to upgrade your software

For customers that are non-contractual, Lectra is now offering subscription plans, allowing users to trade in their existing licenses for new ones at an attractive price.  

By subscribing to Modaris or Gerber AccuMark, customers will get the latest versions of their software regularly and be able to participate in the continuous improvement process by giving us feedback. The subscription model also presents several advantages for companies, such as enabling them to:

  • allow more telecommuting or work-related traveling,
  • provide better IT security,
  • get support from our Expertise Center
  • have more flexibility in acquiring new licenses, by paying an annual fee over a short commitment period Instead of investing a big amount of money.