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Why you should switch to a CAD software subscription

A new subscription offer is now available for existing Modaris and Gerber AccuMark customers: By paying an annual fee, they can now have access to an all-inclusive service package including their CAD software licenses, remote technical support and regular upgrades.

Get up-to-date, secure and efficient CAD technology on a regular basis without lifting a finger

Lectra is now offering their customers access to their Modaris and Gerber AccuMark software via subscription.

Through a subscription plan, by paying an annual fee, you can now benefit from an all-inclusive service package that includes

  • the CAD software,
  • Lectra's remote technical support,
  • and regular upgrades.
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From perpetual license to subscription, how it works

Going from a perpetual license to subscription is straightforward and easy.

You can either:

  • trade-in your current license to subscribe at a discounted rate,
  • or buy additional ones while keeping your perpetual license.

This will allow you to install the latest version of Modaris or Gerber AccuMark on the spot. There will be no need to re-adapt since your software will retain the same functional scope as your current one.

Additionally, you will no longer face the risk of losing and damaging your dongle, since you will be given a digital key for each new license.

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Leveraging the best versions of Modaris and Gerber AccuMark CAD software

It’s not only about working with the latest version of your software, but the best. Remain competitive in this fast-changing industry by exploring the full potential of your CAD technology.

Interoperability between Modaris and Gerber Accumark

The latest Modaris and Gerber AccuMark releases are now interoperable, without risking any data loss.

  • no longer need to spend many hours converting files
  • Modaris users can now convert Gerber AccuMark files using Pattern Converter,
  • Gerber AccuMark users can read Modaris V8 files in Gerber AccuMark
Overcome industry challenges

Using the latest versions of Modaris and Gerber AccuMark will allow you to

  • streamline your workflows,
  • go to market faster
  • and gain more agility in developing new designs and patterns to keep pace with shorter trend cycles.

    You can also reduce costs thanks to fewer errors and increased product development speed.

    Happier employees and more talent attractiveness

    With an improved user experience thanks to better interfaces and features that automate non value-added tasks, you can

    • focus on the essential: develop accurate and high quality patterns with confidence and ease
    •  access Modaris and Gerber AccuMark from home or while traveling, which allows more flexibility
    Optimal IT system security  

    As anyone with an online presence is constantly exposed to threats such as malware, data theft and cybercrimes, IT security should be a priority for all companies.

    • eliminate risks of cyber-attacks
    • use a software version that is compatible with the latest and most secure operating systems
    Industry 4.0 solutions integration

    The latest versions of Modaris and Gerber AccuMark can be integrated with our Industry 4.0 solutions, such as

    • Flex Offer, which allows you to minimize fabric consumption via the cloud and manage high-volume nesting,
    • and Fashion On Demand by Lectra that automates on-demand production with digitalized pattern matching.

    Getting round-the-clock technical support and help

    Say no to bad surprises! As service is included in the subscription plan, there will be no additional, hidden or unexpected costs incurred during the entire period.

    Make the best of your software with remote technical assistance so that you can get your IT issues sorted out on the instant. Therefore, you can avoid causing a delay in the production process by using software that is still supported.


    Patternmaking in a competitive environment

    In a fast-changing industry such as a fashion, it is important to not get hindered by technical mishaps and enhance the product development process so that you can create patterns of the right fit and quality under pressure.

    Keeping up with your software upgrades is one way of ensuring high productivity.

    Don’t forget – maintenance and technical support play a big role in this as well, with the help of our Expertise Center.

    Become more agile in adapting to changes within your company, such as recruitment, retirement, and mergers and acquisitions, by being able to add and remove licenses without making any big financial commitments.

    Last but not least, strengthen IT security with up-to-date technology to avoid data leakage and cyberattacks, so that you can work efficiently in a safe and conducive environment.

    Making quicker and safer financial decisions

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