Gerber AccuMark webinar: It's time to take the leap!

Watch this webinar for Gerber AccuMark customers and discover how to have regular Gerber AccuMark upgrades in an easy and affordable way

As a strategic solution provider for your company, our mission is to give you what you need to succeed. We want to prepare your business for your future challenges. That's why we have created an offer to help you respond to the needs of the fast-changing fashion industry.

This new offer will allow you to benefit from the most advanced version of Gerber AccuMark and Lectra's technical support services at an affordable price.



What you will learn from this webinar

In this short webinar, you will find out more about:

  • The main developments of Gerber AccuMark and the advantages of using its latest version
  • The new subscription plan and how it will help you gain flexibility and boost your performance


Access the “Gerber AccuMark webinar: It's time to take the leap!” webinar