Achieve a seamless workflow with patternmaking solution interoperability

Interoperability between Gerber’s AccuMark and Lectra's Modaris patternmaking solutions lets fashion product development teams focus on getting products to market quickly.

Simplify and speed up pattern conversion

AccuMark users, who are on contract, will be able to use the Data Conversion Utility directly in AccuMark v14.2 to convert Modaris V8 patterns to the AccuMark format. In prior AccuMark versions it was not possible to import Modaris V8 data. 

Modaris customers under contract can use Pattern Converter, available on the portal, to convert files in the AccuMark format into the Modaris format with a simple drag and drop. Pattern Converter and the Data Conversion Utility will open up the scope of collaboration and boost productivity by streamlining communication.

Accumark modaris page library

CAD systems abound in the modern fashion industry

Due to the diversity of user needs and required functions, designers, pattern makers, developers and manufacturing and sales teams often work with different systems and platforms. Therefore, compatibility is essential. However, interoperability among various CAD systems has been a major challenge for the industry.

In the case of clothing patterns, for example, converting them from one CAD format to another can be a complicated and frustrating affair. The pattern conversion process is time-consuming and pattern data can be lost in the conversion process, leading to errors or more time to retrieve the lost information.

Thanks to the synergies created by the integration of Lectra and Gerber, we are now able to provide our customers with the ability to make the pattern conversion process quick and accurate.


Reduce costs linked to data conversion

Non-native conversions can result in the loss of data on model options or variant information. Missing pattern information, even for small items like notches, can have a serious impact on the final model. Using Data Conversion Utility or Pattern Converter ensures companies always have accurate pattern information.


Diminish development time

Fast development time equals fast time to market, the key to success in a quickly moving industry. Data Conversion Utility and Pattern Converter provide seamless communication between contractors and manufacturers thereby ensuring immediate processing. Using them also opens up the scope of collaboration and boosts productivity by streamlining communication.

Access to Pattern Converter and Data Conversion Utility are included in the service contract for Modaris and AccuMark customers.



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