Digitally transform your way to success with gerber

As companies adjust to the new demands that are shaping the future of fashion, they’ll quickly realize they need to digitally transform in order to remain fast and agile enough to keep their consumers satisfied. 

Conquer every challenge with a digitally-integrated supply chain.

For over 50 years, Gerber has helped their customers transform for the future and is here to partner with you to help you transform for today’s challenges. Over the last year, Gerber has heavily invested in their end-to-end digital solutions, including PLM, 2D pattern making, 3D virtual sampling and IoT-enabled Smart Machines that will help you digitalize your supply chain and empower you to:

  • Access and share data virtually, enabling product development regardless of whether you’re working remotely or in the office
  • Get up and running quickly with an easy to implement and use PLM solution, YuniquePLM Fast Start, designed for businesses from start-up to well-established
  • Streamline product development with error-free data integration between PLM, 2D pattern making, and 3D virtual sampling
  • Validate fit without ever having to produce a physical sample, reducing material waste and time to market
  • Connect your data seamlessly from CAD to the cut room
digitally transform

Produce at high volumes with absolute accuracy and efficiency.

In a world of uncertainty, you need a fast and agile supply chain to keep up with market challenges and consumer demands. Gerber’s end-to-end solution for mass production leverages an integrated portfolio of industry-leading software as well as the most intelligent and high-performing machines on the market to help you optimize your production to produce the high volumes at even higher quality. The automated workflow empowers fashion companies to improve overall throughput, provide zero buffer cutting in many applications at full speed, maximize material utilization and reduce costs.


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Transforming your business into a digital powerhouse is vital for a business’s success in today’s climate. From e-commerce to final product, you need innovative, digital solutions that connect your entire supply and ensure that your business remains agile and can keep up with consumer demands. Gerber Technology is here to help and is offering you the resources and support you need to identify where you are on your fashion transformation journey.


On-demand production made fast and efficient.

By leveraging a fully-connected supply chain, brands, retailers and manufacturers are able to quickly respond to customer demands. Gerber’s end-to-end solution features powerful software, such as YuniquePLMAccuMark & AccuNest, as well as advanced hardware solutions, like the Gerber Z1 and industry-leading digital printers, to turn ideas into finished products in just a matter of hours and days.


Remove the barrier of developing in 3D and see rapid ROI.

As COVID-19 continues to cause a shift in the Fashion Industry, it’s more important than ever for you to have an efficient end-to-end solution that optimizes your business from eCommerce to finished garment. Our seamless 2D-to-3D integration will empower you to decrease your time to market by reducing the number of physical samples and streamling the way you design, development and produce your garments.

YuniquePLM Fast Start - a fast, easy-to-implement solution to streamline product development.

With many still working from home, product development has slowed due to inefficient processes and lack of agility. In order to still remain productive during these unprecedented times, brands, retailers and manufacturers need to quickly implement a digital product development solution that will enable them to share data, files and patterns more efficiently. With YuniquePLM Fast Start, small- to mid-sized fashion companies can transform their development process in just a few days, empowering them to be productive no matter where they’re working from.