Commit to environmental sustainability commitments with Lectra's product development software

Fashion companies can reduce material waste and maximize profitability using Lectra’s CAD, fabric estimation and nesting software

Is it possible to develop products in an environmentally sustainable manner?

Eco-conscious consumers new international laws and regulations are inciting fashion companies to launch new initiatives and set ambitious sustainability goals. With Lectra’s CAD solutions, brands can minimize the waste generated during their design and development processes.


Download our infographic to discover three ways to minimize material waste with CAD software

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Meeting sustainability requirements early in the design-to development process

Many advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) platforms give fashion companies the ability to factor environmental sustainability in their supplier compliance ratings motivating their Tier 1 or Tier 2 suppliers to monitor.


Keep track of all your product characteristics

A centralized digital library gives fashion companies a bird’s–eye view of their inventories, reducing the risk of duplicating purchases due to badly indexed materials by categorizing and associating  materials and components together.


Communicate about your company's progress in achieving sustainability goals

Talking about your commitment to environmental sustainability as part of the customer experience increases consumer confidence. This allows shoppers to engage better with your brand or store. Thanks to PLM, you can structure and contextualize your product data to deliver accurate and transparent information about your development process, sourcing policies, and materials.


Foster a sense of trust and accountability within your organization?

Cultivate a sense of responsibility by tracking sustainability compliance metrics and certifications across departments, products and teams.

Environmental sustainability has been a hot topic in the fashion industry for years. Companies around the world, ranging from relatively small, unknown designers to big-name luxury brands, have been vying to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Read our infographic to discover why digitalizing the production processes is crucial to creating eco-friendly practices.

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