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Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A.

Portuguese women and menswear manufacturer, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, has been supplying the world’s top brands with quality garments since 1982



COVID-19 shakes up the market

The current pandemic has caused a major disruption in the textile sector in all directions. Ongoing production plans had to be set aside, everything had to be stopped, and all strategies had to be assessed and implemented in a very short period of time. Brands also delayed their business decisions, which in turn made production work more difficult.

The pandemic has also caused major economic unpredictability which is forcing companies to constantly monitor what the market is asking for and react quickly to these changes. It’s critical for companies to be fast and agile in order to respond to shifting market trends.

It is a mistake to think the manufacturing industry will ever go back to “normal”. COVID-19 has greatly accelerated innovation and the adoption of new technologies that are here to stay.


Customization and sustainability take over

In addition to the challenges brought on by COVID-19, manufacturers also have to find ways to conquer the challenge of customization and sustainability. Consumers want sustainable products that are tailored to their needs, giving way to business models based on customization.

Currently, manufacturers are one step ahead of brands on the customization and sustainability trend due to the use of 3D CAD that allows them to reduce the number of physical samples, thus reducing their ecological footprint.


Integrating for success

Pedrosa & Rodrigues’ partnership with Gerber began more than 3 decades ago, when they implemented Gerber’s pattern making solution, AccuMark, their automated nesting software, AccuNest, as well as the single-ply GERBERcutter DCS, GERBERspreader XLs125 and Gerber Paragon.

Pedrosa offers its customers a circular process from yarn conception to recycling. To make this work, it is essential to have a strong integrated technological process that allows them to be fast and offer higher quality products in less time. According to Miguel Pedrosa Rodrigues, many companies that have not followed the technological evolution will disappear and the transition to the new business model will be increasingly difficult for them.

At the time of the COVID-19 lockdown, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, like many other companies, converted to the production of personal protective equipment (PPE). By leveraging Gerber’s end-to-end solution, Pedrosa & Rodrigues was able to pivot their production much more quickly than those who still relied on manual processes. They were also able to return to their normal production very quickly once the industry began to recover.


Digital transformation is a must for success

Pedrosa & Rodrigues is a testament to how digital transformation and technological innovation can put manufacturers ahead of their competition and prepare them for changes in the market.

“The main factories and production partners can adapt to all these new models, but to make the production cycle more resilient, producers and brands will have to cooperate,” explained Pedrosa Rodrigues.

The ideal partnership will involve a greater collaboration of several entities, which will produce technological, cultural and social inputs in order to create a process in which there is simultaneously human and digital intervention. It will be a chain process involving brands, manufacturers and technological partners like Gerber.

Pedrosa Rodrigues

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