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Gerber AccuMark & Gerber AccuNest
A fully integrated suite of CAD software applications, from concept to completion

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What is Gerber AccuMark?

Gerber AccuMark transforms your design, development and marker-making process through an industry-leading suite of software applications combining Gerber AccuMark 2D, Gerber AccuMark 3D and Gerber AccuNest.

With Gerber AccuMark, users can visualize designs, create accurate patterns and optimize their markers while seamlessly sharing data throughout the supply chain. Gerber AccuMark empowers fashion brands to accelerate time to market, improve fit, and maximize material utilization.

What's new for Gerber AccuMark


Gerber AccuMark 2D

The world’s leading fashion brands depend on Gerber AccuMark 2D for their design, development, grading and marker-making needs. With several grading options, automated processes and industry-leading image functionality, Gerber AccuMark 2D promises to maximize efficiency, increase throughput and enhance communication while quickly bringing your ideas to life.

Gerber AccuMark2D

Gerber AccuMark 3D

Gerber AccuMark 3D streamlines the design and development process through a direct connection between 2D patterns and 3D simulations. Users can visualize their ideas and improve fit with production-ready virtual samples, reducing the number of physical samples that need to be created.


Gerber AccuNest

Gerber AccuNest is an automated nesting application designed to save users time and money by automatically generating cost and production markers. Gerber AccuNest is backed by powerful algorithms that drastically accelerate the nesting process while maximizing material utilization and reducing costs.

Gerber AccuNest

Gerber AccuMark Made-to-Measure

Gerber AccuMark Made-to-Measure offers advanced automation functionality, from pattern modification through advanced rule-based specifications and order creation. Easily generate patterns with measurements from any source and automatically create markers, maximizing productivity.

AccuMark MTM Image

Gerber AccuPlan

Streamlining the CAD-to-cut-room process is a must in order to achieve true efficiency. With Gerber AccuPlan, you can optimize cutting by generating sophisticated spread and cut plans based on fabric rolls and cutting table availability, plan multiple cut work orders together with a powerful production tracker, and track orders from the CAD department through the cutting room with sophisticated digital cut tickets and barcodes.



Gerber AccuPlan

Gerber MP Plotter

Gerber MP Plotter stands ready to meet the most challenging workflow demands, allowing you to plot on your own terms. Gerber MP Plotter is equipped with superior technology to maximize throughput. Gerber MP Plotter has QR code support with Gerber AccuMark v.12+ for a seamless process.


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Additional resources for Gerber customers

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