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What to know about the latest version of Gerber AccuMark

The newest version of Gerber AccuMark to date is V2024.1. Make sure you have this latest version to benefit from all new features, improvements and their benefits.

A new numbering system for our Gerber AccuMark releases

As you may know, our last Gerber AccuMark version was numbered V16.1. To make it simpler for you to keep track of your Gerber AccuMark upgrades, we will now include the calendar year in the software version number.  

You will continue to receive two new versions per year, each comprising new features, improvements and bug fixes. As per usual, a new version will be available in spring and fall every year. This regular release schedule enables you to plan your software updates in advance to ensure production flow and improve productivity. 

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Learn all about the latest version of Gerber AccuMark

To discover all the new features and improvements in this new release, register for our webinar:

Why upgrade?

Improve your overall performance in product development 

Using the most up-to-date CAD software helps, in terms of enabling your team members to work better and faster with more automation, advanced pattern tools and functionalities. 

Accelerate time to market 

With the up-to-date Gerber AccuMark software version, you will be able to automate low value-added, time-consuming tasks and focus on the essential, which is to create high quality patterns.   

Reduce costs 

Our new CAD releases allow you to run fabric consumption calculations and monitor costs throughout the product development process. You can adjust your patterns and foresee its effects on fabric consumption and production costs at the same time.

Collaborate better with business partners 

The latest Modaris and Gerber AccuMark versions are now compatible. This also allows fashion companies to work and co-develop products with partners using other CAD systems by improving communication, boosting productivity and reducing inaccuracies associated with pattern file conversion.

Prevent production disruption 

Upgrading to the latest software version is cost-effective in the mid and long term. You will no longer have to spend money (and time) on fixing bugs and countering cyber-attacks, which outdated operating systems are often subjected to. Another advantage of upgrading your solutions is that you will get technical support from Lectra Expertise Center when you encounter IT issues and need help on the instant.