Gerber Z1​
A versatile solution for single-ply cutting

The solution

What is Gerber Z1?

Fulfill your on-demand vision with Gerber Z1, digital cutting solution. Gerber Z1​ is the ultimate cutting solution for single-ply apparel products. Equipped with cutting-edge vision systems and GERBERconnect remote diagnostics, Gerber Z1​ maximizes efficiency while cutting with absolute precision.

With customizable options, energy-efficient functionalities and an easy-to-use user interface, Gerber Z1 brings new levels of productivity to any apparel workflow.

Optimize your CAD to streamline cutting room processes

Gerber ContourVision

Gerber ContourVision is an automated scan-to-cut system that allows manufacturers to scan custom-printed textiles, generate cut files automatically and cut directly from textile rolls. The Gerber ContourVision system comprises intelligent software, a color scanner and light-emitting diode (LED) bar.


Gerber AutoMatch

Gerber AutoMatch is a stripe, plaid and five-star matching solution for apparel manufacturers that aligns fabric patterns across cut parts with unsurpassed accuracy. With Gerber AutoMatch, you can increase throughput by up to 75% and reduce labor costs by as much as 50%.

Service and support

The Gerber Z1 is equipped with GERBERconnect,  which allows service professionals to troubleshoot problems, upgrade software and provide assistance on system operation. The remote solution also provides insight into production through daily reports. Gerber Z1​ also comes with several service and support options to keep your system running at optimum performance.

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