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Modaris Expert: advanced 2d and 3d patternmaking solution

Deliver products of exceptional quality and fit by revamping your product development and patternmaking process with the most widely used 2D and 3D patternmaking, grading and prototyping solutions on the market.


Introducing Modaris Expert, a best-in-class patternmaking and prototyping solution

Fashion companies must now develop collections at record pace to meet new consumer expectations. But they have to do so without sacrificing fit and profitability. It’s a fine balance.

With Modaris Expert, you can achieve a higher level of efficiency and focus on what’s most important: creating better patterns to deliver products of the perfect fit and quality with just one click, in record time.

Modaris Expert is the most advanced version of Lectra’s patternmaking technology. It helps you accelerate your product development process by allowing patternmakers to organize, store, retrieve and leverage essential digital assets of the garment development process with ease. Automating low value tasks allows you more time to design new and interesting patterns, instead of going through lengthy pattern adjustment and quality control processes.

Customer voice

GGZ uses modaris expert to streamline its patternmaking process

“Modaris Expert allows us to perform better under increasingly tighter deadlines, so that we can keep up with fashion trends."

Nicoletta Stona

Patternmaking Manager, GGZ

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