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Shoulder redefines elegance with Modaris Expert, Lectra’s advanced patternmaking technology

Automating the patternmaking process to provide a wider style variety and more inclusive sizing.

lectra customer story shoulder

Shoulder, a famous womenswear brand in Brazil, had one objective, which was to earn more customer loyalty by constantly delivering more styles of timeless elegance for every size and shape. However, this became increasingly challenging given their high production and cutting volumes, and the complex structure of their garments.

Brazilian womenswear giant implements Lectra’s advanced patternmaking technology

The company has established a new patternmaking department with the help of Modaris Expert, Lectra’s patternmaking software. By automating the entire process, the team now has more time to focus on value-added tasks, such as expanding their style range and providing more sizes.

New milestones achieved

With the help of Modaris Expert, Lectra’s patternmaking software, they managed to reach two milestones. Firstly, they have successfully set up a patternmaking unit, and made the entire process paperless. Secondly, by creating more templates with automatically linked pattern pieces, they have managed to expand both their style variety and size range.  

They have accomplished these goals thanks to a fully automated patternmaking process that has allowed them to save time and focus on value-added tasks that have been previously overlooked due to their heavy workload.

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Shoulder redefines elegance with Modaris Expert

I believe that without Modaris Expert, we wouldn’t be able to achieve this level of productivity and quality today.

Gabriela Brotto

Product Development Coordinator Shoulder

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