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Vilmers uses DesignConcept to manufacture customized Furniture

Discover how Vilmers is using the Lectra solutions DesignConcept 3D, Diamino and Formaris to help cope with strong demand for customization and to speed up their delivery times. 


Upholstered furniture manufacturer Vilmers increases their customization capabilities with Lectra solutions DesignConcept 3D, Diamino and Formaris

Founded in 1997, Vilmers initially mass-produced leather furniture. The company’s decision to transition to producing modular, fabric sofa systems has yielded tremendous success, with annual revenue growth of 25%. Vilmers’ customers—primarily in the Scandinavian, Benelux and French markets—can choose from over 85 modular sofas, and more than 250 fabrics and colors. They can customize the dimensions, armrests, stitching, and number of seats to create a sofa that is uniquely theirs, and delivered in only 3 to 6 weeks.

Vilmers is facing the challenge of responding to consumer demand for quick delivery of customized furniture. To speed up their creation process Vimers is using Lectra solutions to help them make design changes and deliver production-ready variants of their furniture faster.

Vilmers customer story

We are happy that Lectra is supporting us and working together with Vilmers. It is much faster to develop new furniture models using Lectra DesignConcept 3D, Formaris, and Diamino.

Ovidijus Jalonskis

CEO, Vilmers

Respond faster to customization requests to deliver products sooner

DesignConcept 3D is radically changing the way Vilmers implements the production of new furniture models. They are now able to make design changes and adjustments faster, responding to feedback immediately after each prototype presentation, doubling the number new models they produce in comparison to last year.

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Optimize material use for greater cost-savings

By simplifying furniture pattern making with Formaris and optimizing material use with Diamino, Vilmers is making significant gains in reducing their fabric waste and shortening their lead time thanks to real-time communication between the marker making software and the cutting-room.

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