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Lectra Announces its Latest Innovations for the Fashion Industries at the 2009 CISMA Trade Show, September 22—24, in Shanghai, China

Lectra is pleased to participate in the 2009 CISMA Trade Show from September 22 to 24, in Shanghai, China. During the event, Lectra will be presenting this fall’s launch of the new version of Kaledo®, its leading-edge professional design software platform, and demonstrating its latest innovations, including Modaris®, DiaminoFashion, the VectorFashion FX and the VectorFashion MX.

Lectra and AB-Inventech Sign Cooperation Agreement for the Expanding Wind Energy Market

Lectra is pleased to announce the signature of a global cooperation agreement with AB-Inventech. The purpose of the agreement is to promote and ensure the implementation of comprehensive automated solutions specifically designed for the wind energy and aeronautical markets.