DesignConcept Furniture

DesignConcept: furniture design and prototyping software

Design new styles, predict industrial costs, develop and industrialize ready-to-produce models faster, and respond to client demand for customization and modularity.

About our solution

Introducing DesignConcept

DesignConcept offers unique flexibility for creating and optimizing styles, generating technical specifications and controlling manufacturing costs – so you can get new models to market faster.

Customer voice

Virtual prototyping from a designer’s perspective

“Considering that it takes one to two months to make a prototype, imagine the time savings when you can alter the frame in 3D and see the results immediately - in terms of cost or cutting the wood, foam and fabric.”

Stanislas Joly

Managing Director, Sylvain Joly Design

DesignConcept Furniture


What You’ll Gain

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See for yourself

DesignConcept in action

See how DesignConcept software can help you shorten furniture design and development cycles, minimize waste, easily modify designs, and make accurate costing decisions at the earliest stages of your design process

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Product brochure

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