Flex Offer by lectra: automated nesting solution for manufacturers

Optimize fabric savings and improve margins while managing high-volume nesting: React quickly to incoming fast track products, respond quickly to RFQs with accurate bids, calculate precise procurement needs and better manage the marker-processing flow.


introducing Flex Offer by Lectra, the ultimate solution for nesting and marker-making

Fashion suppliers must now deal with more contracts, higher volumes and more complex markers while keeping schedules on track, optimizing fabric savings and improving margins.

Flex Offer by Lectra gives you the flexibility to balance marker workloads for different production cycles, the ability to efficiently manage activity peaks, and the certainty that you will safeguard your operating margins.

Flex Offer by Lectra is a cloud-based, automatic nesting solution that addresses apparel suppliers’ unique high-volume marker-processing needs with dedicated applications for costing and making bids on RFQs, procurement, and production activities. It allows you to make early and accurate bids, calculate precise procurement needs, and respond quickly to peaks in activity or incoming fast-track products.

Customer voice

Inqube minimizes costs with greater marker efficiency

“With Flex Offer by Lectra, we have been able to automate part of our manufacturing process thereby optimising our material consumption and reducing overhead costs.”

Lakmal Fernando

CEO, Inqube

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What You’ll Gain

3 activities in 1 application

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