Flex Offer by Lectra
Flexible automated high-volume cloud nesting

The solution

What is Flex Offer by Lectra?

Flex Offer by Lectra is a cloud-based, automated nesting solution that addresses apparel suppliers’ unique marker-processing needs for costing, procurement and production. It gives you the flexibility to balance different production cycles, the ability to efficiently manage activity peaks, and the certainty that you will safeguard your operating margins.

Dedicated applications for costing and bidding on RFQs, procurement, and production allow you to make early and accurate bidscalculate precise procurement needs, and respond quickly to peaks in activity or incoming fast-track products.

The ultimate solution for nesting and marker making

Flex Offer by Lectra’s three activity streams—Cost & Bid, Procurement, and Production—give you the power to quickly and accurately evaluate your fabric needs and better manage the marker-processing flow. Within each stream, you decide whether to prioritize speed, efficiency or balance the two.

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