Gerber Paragon
Multi-ply cutting solution for upholstered furniture

The solution

What is Gerber Paragon?

Gerber Paragon cutting solution is designed for both maximum throughput and precision cutting of any type of flexible material. Equipped with intelligent software and smart sensors, Gerber Paragon improves cutting efficiency and the overall quality of the finished furniture product.  

Backed by intelligent engineering, integrated control and an intuitive interface, Gerber Paragon helps furniture companies satisfy emerging demand by automating fabric cutting and delivering furniture faster than ever before.  

Transform furniture production with best-in-class speed and precision

Fully connected solution

Gerber Paragon is backed by Gerber’s turnkey ecosystem, which features industry-leading hardware and software solutions, streamlining the entire process from CAD file to cutting room. With automated PLM, CAD and nesting software, Gerber’s ecosystem will empower manufacturers to reduce errors, maximize throughput, and reduce material waste by as much as 30%.

GERBERconnect remote diagnostics

Gerber Paragon is equipped with GERBERconnect remote diagnostics solution, which enables service professionals to access your system remotely. GERBERconnect detects system faults and enables technicians to troubleshoot problems, perform software upgrades and provide assistance on operation.  

Gerber service and support

All Gerber systems come with a service contract to guarantee that your system is always operating at peak performance. Several service levels are available so you can choose the best option for your business. You’ll also gain access to the Gerber eSTORE, where you can get certified parts and consumables made specifically for your Gerber system. 


With a GERBERspreader, you can spread material quickly and evenly, no matter the thickness or weight. Not only do Gerber’s spreading solutions make production easy, they also improve material utilization and increase speed. Gerber offers a complete line of automated spreading systems to deliver tension-free spreads of flat, folded or rolled materials.

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