Cutting Room Care Services

Lectra Services
Ensure equipment productivity, availability and achievement of performance goals with Lectra Services

Lectra Services

Lectra services maximize your return on investment by optimizing system and user performance

Lectra assists its customers with a range of support, maintenance and knowledge services that can be combined to suit individual needs:

  • worldwide, best-in-class customer support;
  • optimal equipment productivity and availability;
  • maximized maintenance effectiveness;
  • continuous learning and knowledge services;
  • a comprehensive view of operations based on cutting room data.

With a services contract, you can reduce unplanned downtime and mean time between failures using sophisticated predictive and proactive maintenance services. Digital assistance from solutions experts means you’ll spend less time waiting for technicians to perform onsite interventions and more time producing. And, with a cloud-based dashboard application, you can monitor equipment status no matter where you are.


Cutting Room

Integrated sensors monitor equipment, enabling us to anticipate issues and take preemptive action before downtime occurs. Field service technicians can also accompany you in optimizing the usage of your equipment.


Our software services help you stay at the forefront of technology and adapt to new IT industry standards. Regular software updates ensure your equipment’s pilot is always secure and equipped with the latest features and interface enhancements.


Knowledge Services ensure that our solutions are used to their full potential so our customers can achieve their performance goals. Lectra has developed a learning path offering digital resources and face-to-face training.

Replacement parts and consumables

Only Lectra supplies genuine parts and consumables for Lectra equipment, certified and approved by our customers worldwide. Our cutting blades, sharpening belts and bristle blocks allow you to consistently meet quality requirements. Local spare part stocks ensure that you always have quick access to the right parts at the right time.

Our commitments

Our commitments


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