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Sign and graphics - Gerber Omega

Complete suite of layout, design, output and conversion tools


Gerber Omega, industry-leading design and output software

Omega offers the industry’s most complete suite of layout, design, output, and conversion tools.

It accommodates the cutting and printing of vinyl and specialty materials, and supports routing applications for dimensional sign making, woodworking, and parts fabrication.

Omega design and output solutions are fine tuned for sign industry production devices and provide seamless integration with vinyl cutters, the family of thermal transfer printers, and routers.

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Gerber Omega 8.0 design and output software delivers a new level of excellence and performance for sign and specialty graphic professionals.

Gerber Omega 8.0 builds on its solid set of tools and functions, while offering exciting new features, improvements, and efficiencies.

These enhancements enable beginners to hit the ground running, while providing seasoned experts the ability to create even more sophisticated, technical, and advanced layouts with greater ease – and in less time.

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ARTPath™ & Auto-Carve

ARTPath™ & Auto-Carve

ARTPath™ routing and engraving software is a simple yet powerful component of OMEGA software that converts vector graphics into Gerber router/cutter tool paths and comes standard with the purchase of any Gerber router or flatbed cutting system.

Using an intuitive, non-CNC graphical user interface, ARTPath provides user control and creation of routing speeds and feeds, male and female tool offsets, engraving paths, multiple offsets, multiple depths, clean-outs, inlays, and more.

Auto-Carve™ 3D is a software option for ARTPath that enables your Gerber router to create traditional hand-carved looking text and graphics.


Certified Routing and Engraving Bits

OMEGA Versions

  • OMEGA CP (Cut/Print) — Includes all the tools you need to create and output cut vinyl and router jobs, plus has color assignment and output capabilities for all GERBER EDGE series thermal transfer printers. Includes ART Path™ software.
  • OMEGA CS (Cut Solution) — Includes all the tools you need to create and output cut vinyl and router jobs, however it cannot output to thermal transfer printers.
  • OMEGA Layout Station — Allows for complete design activities without any output. Show customers concepts in the front office. Design on a laptop away from the shop. Add design stations and save files to a network folder for output.
  • OMEGA Plot Station — Includes all the output capabilities of OMEGA CP with no design capabilities.

OMEGA Upgrades

Still have GRAPHIX ADVANTAGE™ or older versions of OMEGA?

You will be amazed at the new features and functions available in OMEGA 8.0.

  • New Navigator screen for easier navigation,
  • 1:1 Zoom, Windows 11 compatibility, 
  • Export enhancements, customizable shortcuts,
  • Back-cut,
  • FindMyFont,
  • ReAction editing tools,
  • soft shadows, 
  • new shadows and bevels,
  • multiple undos,
  • virtually unlimited shapes in files,
  • text on the worksurface, 
  • function templates,
  • improved import and export,
  • the ability to copy and paste from other programs, 
  • thousands of fonts,
  • and much more. 

OMEGA Multiple Installation Programs

If you already have Gerber OMEGA software, you can add additional complete OMEGA stations with the OMEGA Multiple Installation Program (Not available in all countries). 

GerberColor Spectratone

Create THOUSANDS of rich solid spot colors with the GERBER EDGE® Series, GerberColor Foils, and Gerber OMEGA™ software. By printing one spot color on top of another, you create a new color result.

Gerber Fonts

Gerber's extensive selection of typefaces prepares you for any professional type challenge from decorative and classic styles, to casual and script. Gerber fonts are hand-digitized to ensure quality and conformance to architectural and industry standards.

All Fonts included with OMEGA Cut & Print
All Fonts included with OMEGA CS

Gerber Clipart Library Pack
Gerber Highway Font Pack

Gerber OMEGA Font Packs offer an impressive number of additional fonts at a very low cost. The following font Packs are available for purchase:

  • Premium Gerber Soft Font Pack (Letter Styles)(List) - part number P82433A
  • OMEGA CS to CP GSP Font Option (List) - part number P82436A
  • Arabic Font Pack (Letter Styles) - part number P82427A

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