Boost your marketplace revenue by 90%: proven strategies from a leading jewelry brand

30 min

 A Webinar on E-commerce Profitability

Are you looking to boost your online sales and profitability?

Join this LIVE webinar to discover the latest trends in e-commerce and the crucial role of marketplaces in global retail.

Gain actionable insights from the Morellato Group's remarkable journey to achieving 90% revenue growth with Neteven.

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What will you gain and learn?

  • Current Trends in E-commerce and Marketplaces: Understand the growing importance of marketplaces in today's retail landscape.
  • Morellato’s Success Story: Explore the strategies and key metrics that led to a 90% revenue boost and international expansion.
  • Actionable Strategies for Marketplace Integration: Learn how to position your products, leverage multi-channel sales, and use analytics for strategic decision-making.

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