Discover how to gain the most from your material and become more sustainable

40 min 

Flex Offer by Lectra - the ultimate solution for nesting and marker making

Join us for our Flex Offer Webinar to discover how a cloud-based, automated nesting solution can help you address your unique production needs, efficiently manage workloads, provide certainty in your operating margins.

Discover ways in which Flex Offer can allow you to:

  • Gain more efficiency in material utilization
  • Transform internal manufacturing production to increase cost-efficiency
  • Support your objectives towards more sustainable products
  • Reduce material overstock
  • And so much more to disover in our Live-Webinar

Flex Offer by Lectra’s three activity streams

  • Cost & Bid
  • Procurement
  • Production

give you the power to quickly and accurately evaluate your fabric needs and better manage the marker-processing flow. 

Within each stream, you decide whether to prioritize speed, efficiency or balance the two.

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