Gerber AccuMark Tips & Tricks: share accurate information, from design through production

1 hour

Join us and our Gerber AccuMark experts!

Learn how to share accurate information, from design through production, to avoid expensive mistakes caused by miscommunication.

Production mistakes due to miscommunication and errors cost fashion companies valuable time and money.

Learn how to share pattern notes directly on pieces to avoid disruptions and ensure everyone has the same vital information.

This webinar will teach you to:

  • Place and plot special directions on pattern pieces 
  • Create, edit and plot pattern notes following specific paths
  • Build a shared Library of common instructions and phrases
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What you will learn from this webinar

We want to make sure you are using Gerber AccuMark to its fullest potential.

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Our webinar focuses on solving your daily challenges. Its aim is to help you develop new garments faster with higher accuracy and precision. 

We invite you to use the webinar to ask questions of our Gerber AccuMark experts.

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