Gerber YuniquePLM 9.6 - what's new?

60 minutes

Gerber YuniquePLM 9.6 enhances and accelerates your product development process

Our team has worked hard to provide you with new features that will enhance your performance and improve your user experience.

With these updates, you can now:

  • share your entire style workflow with partner,
  • enjoy a better user experience and enhanced configurability,
  • and as a result, maximize your productivity.

Upgrade your software now to experience the capabilities of Gerber YuniquePLM 9.6 and stay ahead of the curve.


Attend our webinar to find out more about Gerber YuniquePLM 9.6 in detail and explore new ways of improving your product development process

Learn about:

  • Continuation of Partner Permissions with more optimized sharing of the entire style workflow
  • Tech pack and sample request optimization, with some automated efficiency and simplified un-sharing. 
  • A new 'Eval Size' column within the 'Sample Request summary', that makes it easier for users to identify their samples evaluation size(s) 
  • Enhanced configurability that allows users to update materials of approved BOMs and copy Style Attachments when creating Style Variations.
  • New freeze Column Configuration



  • Alev Seyit

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