Mastering the marketplace model – strategies for success with Asos

1 hour

Are you ready to elevate your e-commerce strategy to new heights?

Watch the recent webinar replay where we deep dive into the dynamic world of digital marketplaces, featuring key insights from the e-commerce powerhouse, Asos.

In this interactive session, expertly moderated by Graeme Moran, Associate Editor at Drapers, we explore the transformative strategies that can help both brands and retailers flourish in the marketplace environment.


Chris Peduto from Asos and Antoine Riviere from Neteven, share their invaluable experiences and insights, providing you with a roadmap to marketplace mastery.

  • Asos's Marketplace Blueprint: Explore the breadth and depth of Asos's marketplace, including its diverse product categories and global outreach.
  • Digital Mastery: Learn how to seamlessly integrate, manage, and enhance your marketplace presence using cutting-edge digitalization and data analysis.
  • Selection Excellence: Understand Asos's rigorous criteria and processes for maintaining exceptional product and brand quality.
  • Partnership Power: Unravel the benefits of cultivating strong partnerships, a crucial factor for success in the marketplace ecosystem.
  • Futuristic Glimpse: Get a sneak peek into Asos's future marketplace plans and the emerging opportunities in this space.
  • Navigating Challenges: Equip yourself with strategies to overcome potential obstacles, with expert advice tailored for both brands and retailers.

Panelists and host

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