Optimizing the Fabric Procurement Process

60 minutes

The price of fabric is constantly on the rise and makes up the majority of the total product cost. Regardless of whether manufacturers or brands are the ones purchasing the fabrics, the crucial moment is when the order is placed. This is when they have to commit to certain quantities and pay upfront for them. Discover how you can increase material savings with Lectra's cloud nesting solution, to improve your profitability.

In this webinar, we will share how one integrated process flow can help:

  • Optimize your fabric consumption
  • Manage peak periods with ease
  • Seamlessly connect to CAD
  • Minimize your IT infrastructure and gain flexibility
  • Improve your ROI with cloud nesting

Ensuring that your data is seamlessly connected throughout you supply chain, gives you the much-needed visibility to increase profitability, reduce waste and improve resource efficiency.

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