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7 ways furniture manufacturers can optimize their fabric cutting room for mass production

Control costs and shorten production cycles with the latest advancements in digital cutting technology.

Investing in digital technology is essential to achieving success in today’s volatile furniture market. Manufacturers uniting production teams and the company around innovation and digital solutions remain competitive and achieve performance targets easier. Furniture businesses that leverage data exploitation are able to make efficient use of capital, labor and material resources to increase their speed to market, lower production costs, and function effectively with minimum waste.


Investing in quality and efficiency

Cutting room digitalization empowers executives to improve the efficiency of their cutting equipment and fabrics to achieve consistency throughout the entire production process, maintain quality and accelerate delivery time.

  • Monitor equipment availability in real time to eliminate errors, operate faster and redirect labor to more productive uses with a digital dashboard.
  • Take advantage of higher cutting performance to gain fabric savings and accelerate the time to market with the latest cutting technology.
  • Prevent injuries with ergonomic material handling to make managing the cutting process easier and reliant on fewer people with newly designed equipment that has a smaller footprint and smoother edges to limit physical motions around the cutting line.
  • Save space per square meters with compact solutions that can be easily moved within a factory or transported from one factory to another.


Hassle free investing in the right technology 

Staying ahead of the competition by upgrading, enhancing and investing in digital technology to improve cutting room performance does not have to be difficult or scary. The cost-effective process is a breeze to implement and quite easy to manage when gaining early buy in, face-to-face training sessions, and savings on both capital expenditure and ongoing operational costs.

Digital fabric cutting technology enables furniture manufacturers to maximize material consumption and improve the performance of its production process. A key benefit being the gains in operational agility and the ability to meet market demand for higher levels of product quality, reliability and efficiency.

Read our Guide, 7 ways furniture manufacturers can optimize their fabric cutting room for mass production to explore how digitizing the fabric cutting room enables furniture manufacturers to boost their competitive advantage.

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