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ACORfato: great precision and accuracy lead to a 5% decrease in material waste.

ACORfato Indústria de Confecções, SA, a manufacturer of men’s suits, was founded in 1989 in a garage with only 28 employees. 


Business need

The expansion into export markets, as is currently the case for the American and Dutch market, brought new challenges in terms of consumption and deviation analysis, optimization of stocks and pricing support to the commercial department. In order to meet their customer needs, ACORfato needed a spread and cut planning software that would help them simulate, plan and optimize the quantity of material required for a particular order, in advance, to avoid as much stock as possible.


The challenge

Before the implementation of AccuPlan by ACORfato, the spread and cut planning process was carried out manually, making it more time consuming and resulting in a larger percentage of calculation errors. The process also required highly qualified personnel and made getting access to the analysis of consumption reports more difficult.


The solution

The implementation of Gerber’s AccuPlan software enabled ACORfato to analyze material consumptions that would be needed to produce a specific order which supported stock management, eliminated cutting errors, and supported the company’s commercial policy.


The benefits

Calculations generated with AccuPlan enabled the company to decrease material utilization by up to 5%. ACORfato is also able to respond to customer’s demands quickly and accurately due to AccuPlan’s ability to propose the best cutting option. Reports generated by AccuPlan show exact consumption before and after the cut order by providing subsequent analysis of deviations. Since Acorfato uses a combination of Gerber’s digital solutions, the integration of AccuPlan with all other software and equipment contributed to increase process transparency. Consequently, productivity and the quality of the produced items also increased.

  • With AccuPlan, ACORfato achieved great precision and accuracy in the optimization of consumptions
  • Between 3 and 5% cut waste reduction led to better stock management and savings in fabrics
  • Greater speed in order entry and order execution through the suggestion of several cut plans options
  • Increased productivity by accelerating the entire process
  • Improved order workflow due to program integration within the AccuMark family of software solutions, which avoids duplication of work and eliminates the need for external programs
  • Generates cut plan reports for analysis simulation and communication of results to management
  • Allows independence from the CAD room to obtain consumption reports


The added value of AccuPlan for ACORfato is that it continues to support our optimization of time and costs throughout the company." "With a great accuracy in consumptions throughout all sizes, it meets the requirements of customers who do not intend to generate stocks in fabrics. AccuPlan complements our philosophy of digitizing the entire facility by driving new, more productive and efficient ways of working to meet the most demanding customers in various markets.

Filipe Pinto

The ACORfato CEO



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