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Cutting preparation and planning made easy with Valia

Watch the recording of our automotive digital event to see how Valia can help you simplify your automotive cutting planning and preparation processes by creating a fully integrated and digitalized production workflow.  

Choose Valia, our new preparation and planning manager

There are many factors that affect your material consumption rate and cut quality such as fabric ply height, roll width, markers, cutting equipment capabilities and the number of folds. Due to infinite combinations of these factors, cutting room operators have to manually adjust each variant to achieve the optimal result. Establishing a standard operating procedure has become increasingly complex with the demand for more product variety.


To help you overcome this challenge, Valia, our new 4.0 cutting preparation and planning manager, will automate the entire process from A to Z. With material constraints, and a library of standards already entered into the system, you do not need to redo the set-up for each production batch, and can focus on things that really matter such as material consumption and performance.   


Seeing is believing

Want to know more about Valia and its benefits? Watch the recording of our product launch that took place on June 23, 2022. Our cutting room 4.0 Product Owner, Julien Deutsch, and Global Corporate Business Consultant, Germano Nobili are going to show us the step-by-step process and the inner workings of this fully digitalized workflow, from preparation and planning to execution.

Watch the video

About our experts

An experienced Product Owner of Industry 4.0 solutions, Julien Deutsch joined Lectra ten years ago to manage and develop professional services worldwide. He then joined the Lectra product marketing team to establish the Industry 4.0 product roadmap.

Germano Nobili is supporting Lectra customers in their digital transformation and Industry 4.0 implementation as a Global Corporate Business Consultant. He joined Lectra eight years ago after six years at Capgemini.