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How retail transformation is altering the fashion supply chain and what to do to overcome the challenges

Discover how the industry is optimizing its production processes and enhancing its sales experiences to take advantage of new business opportunities generated by fashion's retail transformation

How analytics-driven insights enable companies to boost their sales performance

Fashion companies are managing production costs, staying ahead of the competition and overcoming market volatility by embracing data analysis to track and compare their competitions’ products and prices in real-time, accelerate production and optimize the management of their marketplaces.

Safeguard business growth and improve the consumer experience with digital solutions to

  • Avoid unsold products
  • Meet consumer demand for new products
  • Promote and sell products on secondary markets

Choose automation to eliminate complexity in the production process and improve product quality

Fashion companies are optimizing garment quality and durability, maximizing customer loyalty and meeting sustainability regulations by automating and streamlining their product development and production workflows.
Gain greater control over production processes with automated solutions and 3D technology to:

  • Manage costs
  • Prevent waste
  • Achieve product quality and fit expectations


Protect profit margins by producing only what consumers are willing to pay for

Fashion companies are maximizing margins and meeting customer satisfaction objectives by using automation and digital technology to minimize fabric consumption and produce any volume profitably.

Optimize production costs by processing more orders:

  • in smaller volumes;
  • in specific varieties;
  • and within shorter deadlines.


Achieve a seamless shopping experience to protect brand image 

Fashion companies are offering rich and consistent product information across all sales channels to improve the consumer experience and safeguard their brand image wherever their consumers shop.

Ensure customer satisfaction across in-store and digital touch points by:

  • Collecting, enriching and publishing product data
  • Offering robust and precise product knowledge
  • Developing and managing online sales channels

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