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Integrated Airbag Cutting Solution

FocusQuantum: achieve operational excellence and meet stringent quality standards at the lowest possible cost per airbag.


What is the FocusQuantum laser airbag cutting solution?

FocusQuantum is a comprehensive airbag solution combining a high-performance laser cutter for one-piece woven (OPW) airbags, as well as a purpose-built software suite and a full range of value-added professional services covering implementation, change management and support.

FocusQuantum's integrated software suite eliminates errors throughout a full array of processes, from design through to cutting. FocusQuantum® Suite ensures full traceability of operations by preventing unauthorized changes to approved commands and processes.

Why is the FocusQuantum suite unmatched in productivity and cutting accuracy?

The constraints associated with OPW airbag production demand perfect quality control. Using SmartCutting, FocusQuantum OPW adjusts cutting trajectory in real time to compensate for any material distortion, while guaranteeing perfect compatibility with the control template.

FocusQuantum OPW features a fully industrialized design and cutting process. When combined with Lectra’s value-added support services and expertise, its unmatched machine capacity helps optimize production standards and enable continuous improvement, leading to a lower overall cost per bag. Increase plant productivity without investing in new premises thanks to a compact design that delivers optimal annual production per floor area.

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