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Connected single-ply fabric cutting room

Furniture On Demand: quickly respond to changes in consumer demand


What is Furniture on Demand by Lectra and why is it the leading digital solution for customized furniture?

Furniture On Demand by Lectra enables furniture manufacturers to produce unique products and small series as quickly as standard furniture. Process orders faster, achieve the best nesting, and save both fabric and time to scale your on demand production in an efficient way. Stay in control and streamline processes from order to cut pieces, completing tasks without manual intervention, to handle spikes in demand, and work with complex motifs, diverse fabrics and varied shapes with ease.

Discover how digitalization enables manufacturers to adapt to small series production

Achieving and maintaining success as a furniture manufacturer means embracing market changes and investing early in new technology to stay ahead of the curve. The latest advances in automation and digital technology is enabling furniture executives to complete the cutting process faster to boost production capacity, fulfil last minute orders, and prevent delays in delivery time without increasing labor costs. Digitalization empowers executives to boost the efficiency of their cutting machines, fabrics, and the performance of their employees. Sensors, optics and automation capabilities make the resource optimization process easier: facilitate predictive maintenance; enable real-time monitoring of material usage, and re-directs employees to more valuable tasks.

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