Revolutionizing furniture manufacturing with the latest technology

Rapid technological innovation, automation and a base of consumers who expect on-demand services and instant delivery are just a few factors impacting and directing today’s marketplace. 

These factors are also changing the furniture industry – requiring manufacturers to develop sustainable strategies to keep pace with the changing demands of customers. 

In this post, we will explore some of the top ways in which the furniture industry is evolving and examine digital printing specifically as a means of meeting demand, tackling stock management, and remaining competitive. 

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Replacing traditionally-printed materials with new, innovative technology 

Digital printing is a growing technology within many industries, and the furniture space is certainly no exception. As print qualities continue to improve, the range of materials becomes larger, and the number of ink sets and dye sets compatible with digital printing grow, digitally-printed materials are increasingly replacing traditionally-printed materials. This immediately addresses the stock management issues facing production facilities. With digital printing, the only necessary stock is a white rolls of fabric-- any design, pattern, image or motif can be printed.


A custom, scalable solution for orders of all sizes 

Digital printing allows for on-demand workflows and scalable production. This means that furniture manufacturers can produce exactly what has been ordered by the customer – in terms of specifications and design, as well as quantity. 

Naturally, the ability to produce only what is ordered and needed results in more sustainable practices and less waste. Reduced overhead and a more efficient production process allows furniture manufacturers to cut costs and improve their overall bottom line. 


Quickly Fill Custom Orders 

Traditionally, customization has resulted in longer production timelines and delays, which is a constant source of frustration for customers looking for a product that meets their exact specifications.  Using design software, you can digitally build out the unique elements of your custom piece. These elements will be sent to a digital printer, then an automated cutter, where the design will be created perfectly to the specifications desired. The speed and efficiency provided by digital printing means that customization is no longer a “show stopper” – custom orders can be filled nearly as quickly as a standard item in your product offerings.


Providing Furniture Manufacturers with a Strategic Edge 

Gerber Technology’s comprehensive offerings of hardware and software solutions for manufacturers of upholstered and leather furniture help maximize material utilization, decrease stock management, minimize labor requirements, accelerate time to market and meet customer demands for multiple color and style options.

Gerber helps automate the entire production process, from design to cutting. Gerber Technology works to improve productivity and material savings, and dramatically decrease lead times.


The Bottom Line 

Today’s marketplace is evolving and changing together with the consumers who occupy it. Gerber Technology’s Gerber Z1, in conjunction with Gerber’s Software can provide your company with the tools it needs to remain competitive and thrive in the digital age. 

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