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Develop and manage online sales channels to reach customers where they shop

Neteven can help you reach new consumers and increase your online sales

Ramping up your brand's online presence across the top digital sales channels is a sure way to expand your reach, connect with a broader audience, and drive significant growth in online sales.

But navigating online marketplaces can be a bit of a maze. The multitude of platforms, each with its intricate set of rules, contributes to a time-consuming process.

What if there was a way to streamline and simplify navigating marketplace rules on collections, pricing, and stock, ensuring efficiency and optimal product management across all platforms?

Picture managing products efficiently across marketplaces to reach customers where they shop while maintaining complete control of your brand. Neteven, transforms this idea into a real solution, with the potential to significantly boost your sales on the world's largest fashion marketplaces.


Makes it simple to sell on marketplaces with Neteven

Manage online sales on fashion marketplaces with Neteven

Luxury Marketplaces

Luxury platforms expect top-notch product images that evoke quality, attention to detail, and is sensitive to the cultural norms and preferences of its regional market. 

Neteven enables fashion brands to meet these expectations by adapting product images to comply with sensitivity issues of different cultural regions while ensuring they maintain the brand's essence. It is helping brands foster trust, authenticity and credibility on international luxury platforms like Farfetch, 24S, Printemps, and Galeries Lafayette by segmenting their product range based on the specific nature of each digital outlet.

Fashion Marketplaces

The intense competition and aggressive pricing wars on fashion marketplaces is a challenge for brands seeking to standout, align their prices with their competitors, and maintain consistent brand representation on marketplaces that can offer limited control over the marketplace environment.

Neteven is helping fashion brands monitor and manage their brand's presence on ASOS, Zalando, Yoox, Miinto, LaRedoute, Place de Tendances, El Corte Inglés, and Miravia to maintain product consistency and relevance.

Sportswear Marketplaces

The many different ways of describing sportswear materials and fabrics, communicating its technical specifications, and displaying how they meet regulatory compliance, safety and performance expectations can be a challenge fashion brands when they venture into sportswear marketplaces.

Neteven helps brands optimize the presentation of sports product information on Decathlon, Sports Direct, and Unisport by managing detailed and specialized material descriptions, meet visual communication requirements to highlight technical details and track data that corresponds to the specific nature of sportswear sizing.

Generalist Marketplaces

Boosting brand visibility is a major challenge faced by fashion brands when selling on generalist marketplaces. The massive customer base of these marketplaces make them attractive, however, it is the vast number of products and brands listed on these marketplaces that make it crucial for brands to optimize their listings in order to capture consumer attention.

Neteven helps brands stand out on Amazon and TMall by making it easier to optimize product listings with compelling titles, detailed descriptions, and implement localization strategies such as language customization to enhance visibility and resonate with the global customer base of generalist marketplaces

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