Spearheading sustainability in furniture production

How to become a corporate social responsibility leader in the industry?

The rising importance of environmental sustainability in furniture production

Today’s consumers are leading more conscious lifestyles, and now expecting higher standards, in terms of supply chain transparency, eco-friendly production and fair labor practices. Furniture manufacturers, in turn, have to meet their retailers’ sustainability and CSR requirements and help their customers satisfy these new consumer demands. How can they do so while dealing with global inflation, supply chain shortages, and fuel price


Making CSR and sustainability profitable with Lectra

Many furniture manufacturers are afraid to implement more sustainable practices because of the preconceived notion that it requires more effort and incurs further costs. However, Lectra’s technology can empower you to bridge the gap between corporate social responsibility and profitability. The key to success is by adopting leaner production methods to eliminate waste. This will in turn, increase cost savings, and improve your
bottom line.

How to become a pioneer in environmental sustainability

By helping your brand become more environmentally sustainable, you can build customer loyalty and attract new ones. We can enable you to become a pioneer of this movement, instead of waiting for the market to change. Here are five specific ways Lectra’s solutions can help you produce in a profitable and socially responsible way:

  1. Minimize material consumption and waste
  2. Adopt the ‘pull’ manufacturing model
  3. Extend the lifespan of your equipment
  4. Improve your employees’ wellbeing
  5. Reduce your energy consumption


Can I expect a quick return on investment (ROI) from sustainable furniture production?

Yes. ROI and sustainability go hand in hand, as you can attract more customers, save energy and material costs via leaner production practices, gain an edge over your competitors, and seize new business opportunities.


What will my company gain from implementing more sustainable and corporate socially responsible production processes?

By using automation to put these measures in place, you can increase cost savings thanks to more optimized material consumption, fewer recuts and errors. You can also shorten your time to market, and have more brand recognition via increased customer loyalty. This will also enable you to build a more conducive and safe work environment for your operators, and increase your talent retention rate.

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