Why furniture manufacturers are embracing cost reduction measures 

Learn how to maintain competitiveness and profitability by doing more with less. 

Discover the cost-saving benefits of using Furniture on Demand

With Furniture on Demand—Lectra’s next-generation solution covering the entire furniture manufacturing workflow, from order processing to cutting—it is now possible to achieve your production goals without increasing operational costs or complexity. 


See how our customers are overcoming manufacturing challenges with Furniture on Demand 

Learn about the importance of cost reduction for furniture manufactures. And how our customers are able to maintain their competitiveness and profitability while using fewer resources. 


Explore effective ways to manage material costs, maximize human capital ROI, and meet energy demands with Furniture on Demand 

Gain customer insights on how our solution enables them to:  

  • Monitor material consumption  
  • Maximize material yield 
  • Protect operator safety  
  • Reduce time spent on low-value tasks 
  • Save energy by optimizing workflow processes for shorter production cycles  
  • Pass cost savings on to your customers and accelerate time to market 

How Furniture On-demand by Lectra enables furniture companies to improve their production process