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Why Furniture manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0 to boost production to unprecedented efficiency levels

Discover how to streamline production for quality, cost savings, and workplace engagement with digitalization 

Do you want to shorten lead-time and minimize production costs while still maintaining product quality? 

With Furniture on Demand you can efficiently reduce lead-time and production costs while ensuring top-notch product quality. Unlock the potential for streamlined operations and improved competitiveness in your furniture business today. 

  • Optimize cutting process for precision and speed 
  • Automate workflow to eliminate the risk of human error  
  • Plan production around incoming orders for increased flexibility 


Are you seeking transparency for your company and specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to enhance your production processes? 

Furniture on Demand provides unparalleled transparency and empowers your company with precise KPIs. Elevate your production processes, optimize efficiency, and make data-driven decisions, ensuring your furniture business stays ahead in today's competitive landscape. 

  • Implement preventive and predictive maintenance with sensors 
  • Enable informed decision-making with real-time data 
  • Ensure end-to-end transparency in the supply chain 


Do you aim to establish an engaging workplace, adhering to CSR and sustainability principles, to maximize human capital ROI and safeguard resources for future generations  

Furniture on Demand offers the tools to create an engaging workplace rooted in CSR and sustainability. Harness innovative solutions to foster a socially responsible environment, and safeguard resources for a sustainable future.  

  • Analyze production data to minimize waste  
  • Integrate automation to enhance workforce efficiency 
  • Employ advanced safety technology and modern work processes to attract and retain talent  

How Furniture On-demand by Lectra enables furniture companies to enhance production efficiency