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All-new Furniture On Demand enables unstoppable business momentum

Designed to overcome the challenges of unitary and small-series production, Furniture On Demand puts sustainability and profitability within reach by connecting every component of the cutting room.

Furniture makers worldwide continue to face the multi-pronged challenges of an unpredictable business environment, including the rising cost of raw materials and energy, supply chain issues and geopolitical tensions.

Further compounding matters, the pull-mode production model prevalent in the upholstered furniture industry significantly increases production complexity.

To help furniture makers simplify cutting preparation and reduce key person dependency, Lectra is launching an all-new version of Furniture On Demand.

Industry 4.0 connectivity and data-driven workflow powered by new digital platform Valia

Launched in 2018, Furniture On Demand is more relevant than ever.

The solution lets manufacturers satisfy the highest customer expectations by harnessing the power of production data to quickly meet changing requirements, boost profitability and generate more value.

Powered by the new Valia digital platform, Furniture On Demand enables manufacturers to overcome pull-mode manufacturing complexity with Industry 4.0 technologies that connect cutting room components and drive automated workflow with data analytics while supporting sustainable productivity and skills development to future-proof the workforce.


New VectorFurniture low-ply range expands the possibilities of cutting room performance

Still compatible with connected single-ply cutting solution Virga for plain and patterned fabrics, the all-new Furniture On Demand further expands the possibilities of cutting room performance through interoperability with the Vector range of fabric-cutting equipment.

The new VectorFurniture low-ply range minimizes waste, reduces production costs, and expedites the cutting process for greater control managing fluctuations in production volume.

Efficiencies enabled by the two models – VectorFurniture iX2 & VectorFurniture Q2 – help manufacturers adapt to changing demand and maintain cost-effective operations.

Now compatible with Lectra’s best-selling Vector range

Launch of the all-new Furniture On Demand featuring digital platform Valia marks the solution’s compatibility with best-selling fabric-cutting equipment range VectorFurniture for the first time ever.

Designed to meet every production need, VectorFurniture delivers unprecedented uptime, improved speed, long-term reliability, and optimized efficiency and quality, backed by Lectra’s unique technical and customer support capabilities.

Smarter, more sustainable production to drive growth

Key enabler of sustainable productivity in the cutting room

Furniture On Demand factors employee health and well-being into workflows and builds workforce competence to improve stability and productivity.

The solution frees workers from manual tasks by providing operators with advanced equipment and solutions that improve knowledge transfer for more consistent quality and productivity.

Furniture On Demand also helps ensure employee safety and well-being by minimizing physical effort and stress with ergonomically designed cutting equipment.

5 key benefits of Furniture On Demand

Unstoppable cutting room performance and profitability

Now nothing can stop furniture manufacturers from scaling new heights of cutting room performance and business profitability.

Combining the automated control of Valia Furniture and the Virga and Vector ranges of sustainable cutting equipment, Furniture On Demand removes complexity by connecting cutting room components, automating workflows, and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Furniture On Demand by Lectra

Connected single-ply to high-ply fabric cutting room