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Poltrona Frau maximizes production speed with Versalis and Vector

Discover why the ongoing effort to increase production speed without compromising on quality and their commitment to luxury design is directing Poltrona Frau to choose Lectra solutions Versalis and Vector to help them innovate on their existing workflows.

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Poltrona Frau, founded in 1912 in Turin, Italy is a luxury furniture manufacturer. They are world-renowned for their design heritage and high-quality standards. The company believes in continuous improvement and faces the challenge of making enhancements to their high level achievements in leather production.

Versalis leather cutting solution and Vector, Lectra’s fabric cutting solution for mass-production, are enabling Italian luxury furniture brand, Poltrona Frau to save money and gain operational efficiency by removing labor-intensive stages in their manufacturing process.

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Poltrona Frau’s relationship with Lectra is built on exchanging information and ideas to find innovative ways of complementing our manufacturing expertise with Lectra’s technological know-how. The successful results give us confidence that we will continue our business and technology partnership over time.

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The power of automation to improve productivity

With Versalis, automating the analysis of their leather consumption in real-time, Poltrona Frau is able to gain significant material savings and make more products faster with less waste. Versalis is enabling Poltrona Frau to reduce their lead-time and increase production capacity on leather by about 10% and their hide yield by 3%

Poltrona Frau maximizing throughput with increased cutting speed

In comparison to cutting their fabric by hand, Poltrona Frau, thanks to the cutting speed of Vector is able to improve their productivity by about 30%. They gain additional agility and speed performance by taking advantage of Vector’s ability to execute nesting operations at the same time that it is cutting.

Download the customer story to find out how Versalis and Vector are helping Poltrona Frau to maximize production speed and efficiency.

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