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Low to high-ply fabric cutting solution

Vector: improve cutting speed and produce better-quality products at the lowest cost per cut


What is Vector and how does it enable furniture producers to tackle low ply, multi-ply and mass production fabric cutting?

Vector is a pioneering combination of marker-making, pattern-making, spreading and cutting solutions to enable furniture manufacturers to cut more fabric faster, with increased accuracy and at lower costs. Vector delivers unprecedented uptime, improved speed, long-term reliability, optimized efficiency and quality, backed by a unique support and expertise infrastructure. The solution delivers the flexibility to handle both mass-production and just-in time production, unplanned orders or short runs with ease.

Why are upholstered furniture manufacturers choosing Vector to gain material savings?

With Vector you can optimize mass production cycles to push beyond the limitations of speed, quality and cost constraints. It helps you to gain manufacturing agility and achieve greater productivity and product quality. In just a few seconds, automatic marker making software can reduce fabric consumption and process a complete list of production orders by finding the best marker for each one. At the spreading stage, automatic transfer of spreading instructions, precise edge alignment and automatic fabric roll end management eliminate waste.

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