Gerber AccuMark & Gerber AccuNest
Integrated CAD software for upholstered furniture

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What is Gerber AccuMark?

Whether you are developing made-to-order products or mass-producing standardized designs, Gerber AccuMark helps connect the supply chain from CAD to cutting room. Deliver your products to market faster than ever before with industry-leading patternmaking software and powerful automated nesting.  

Gerber AccuMark relies on automated processes and advanced algorithms to maximize material utilization, eliminate errors and improve productivity. 


Optimize your design and development process from CAD to cutting room

Gerber AccuMark

Gerber AccuMark is a comprehensive design, development, and marker-making solution. Featuring batch processing tools, sophisticated stripe and plaid matching functionality, kitting and bundling options, and colorway management, Gerber AccuMark reduces development time, improves quality and empowers creativity. 


Gerber AccuNest

Gerber AccuNest is a powerful, automated nesting solution for the furniture industry. Complete with advanced algorithms, automatic marker making, and the ability to run 24 hours a day without operator intervention, Gerber AccuNest maximizes material utilization, boosts productivity and lowers costs. 

GERBERplotter MP  

Re-engineered with innovative options, the GERBERplotter MP+ Series stands ready to meet the most challenging workflow demands, allowing you to plot on your own terms.

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