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What is Gerber Atria​ ?

Meet any fabric-cutting challenge with state-of-the-art Gerber Atria​. Gerber Atria​ is the most advanced digital multi-ply fabric cutter on the market. The intuitive digital cutting solution is programmed with advanced algorithms and integrates seamlessly with Gerber Software CAD/CAM solutions for a truly optimized digital workflow.

With zero-buffer cutting precision and unmatched speed, Gerber Atria​ maximizes ply heights while reducing material waste by as much as 40%. Gerber Atria is certified CE, ETL and RoHS compliant.


Maximize productivity with AI and powerful algorithms

Service and support

IoT-enabled Gerber Atria is equipped with sensors and production reporting capabilities through Gerber’s service and reporting feature, GERBERconnect, which also enables field service engineers to diagnose, and even repair, problems without ever having to visit your facility. You can also find Gerber Certified parts and consumables on the Gerber eSTORE to ensure your machine is running at peak performance.

Fully-connected platform

Gerber Atria​ seamlessly integrates with a complete ecosystem of Gerber solutions, which maximizes throughput and helps reduce material waste by as much as 30%. Gerber’s turnkey solution includes PLM, 2D/3D CAD and automated nesting solutions to streamline the entire process, from CAD file to cutting job.


With a GERBERspreader, you can spread material quickly and evenly, no matter the thickness or weight. Not only do Gerber’s spreading solutions make production easy, they also improve material utilization and increase speed. Gerber offers a complete line of automated spreading systems to deliver tension-free spreads of flat, folded or rolled materials.

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