Gerber Taurus
Precision leather-cutting solution for upholstered furniture

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What is Gerber Taurus?

Gerber Taurus leather-cutting solution maximizes hide yield and throughput by leveraging the most advanced vision, nesting and cutting technology. Powerful LeatherNest nesting software improves yield by as much as 5-10%. 

Used in tandem with RapidScan software technology that captures hide shape and up to four grade flaws, Gerber Taurus makes it easy to produce high-quality cut leather pieces. 

Streamline leather furniture production


With a state-of-the-art digital camera mounted above the cutting table, you can map and record the entire hide and all of its flaw markings in a matter of seconds.  


LeatherNest is a powerful, automated nesting solution designed to help you maximize material utilization and increase speed. LeatherNest can automatically generate nests around marked flaws on the fly.  Advanced nesting strategies place pieces based on their unique geometry.


CutWorks is a modular software system that offers complete CAD design, piece nesting and tool-path programming all in one. CutWorks supports a variety of nesting strategies with several powerful nesting packages, including manual and automatic nesting modules. 

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