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4.0-ready digital leather-cutting solution

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What is Versalis Automotive?

Revolutionize your automotive production with Versalis Automotive solutions.

Equipped with integrated cutting and marking equipment for efficient leather utilization, it simplifies processes, controls costs, and boosts yield efficiency.

Go eco-friendly and digitize your cutting-room for data-driven accuracy and an enhanced workplace environment.

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Digital Marking

Enhanced leather efficiency and better productivity

Lectra's latest offer blends tech and services for flexibility, uptime, and cost savings.

Versalis revolutionizes operations, automating processes to expedite market entry and reduce production expenses. It facilitates mass production, ensuring top-notch quality from hide digitization to part cutting.

Additionally, it optimizes nesting efficiency, allowing more parts to be cut from fewer hides, leading to significant material savings.

Digital marking integrated with Versalis Automotive Digital Marking 

The Versalis Automotive Digital Marking station seamlessly integrates digital marking, replacing chalk, to optimize hide savings, lower costs, and achieve efficiency by:

  • Enhancing existing processes
  • Maximizing the capabilities of Versalis cutting equipment
  • Improving quality
  • Controlling costs


Customer Voice

Customer Voice


Optimize your automotive leather utilization with Versalis Automotive


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