Industry 4.0 principles guide our strategy

Group Management


Executive Committee

Management team

Régis Bévillon, Human Resources, France
Alexandra Boisson, Legal Affairs
Nathalie Brunel, Business Development, Fashion
Frédéric Gaillard, Product Marketing, Cutting Room
Clémence de Lamaze, Customer experience
Eric Lespinasse, Manufacturing, Logistic, Quality, Purchasing
Maria Modrono, Marketing, Demand Generation
Olivier Nold, Business Development, Automotive and Furniture
Philippe Ribera, Innovation

Gianluca Croci, France
Yves Delhaye, ASEAN, Australia, India, South Korea
Jean-Patrice Gros, Northern Europe and United Kingdom
Abdelaziz Sifaoui, North Africa
Rodrigo Siza, Portugal and Spain
Michael Stoter, South Africa
Burak Susoy, Turkey and Middle East
Akihiko Tanaka, Japan
Adriana Vono Papavero, South America


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