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Boas Furniture optimizes its production processes with Versalis to improve leather-cutting efficiency

Learn how Lectra's Versalis digital leather cutting solution enables Boas Furniture to optimize its processes for customized products and cost savings

Boas Furniture optimizes its production processes  with Versalis to improve leather-cutting efficiency and meet demand for customization

Meeting consumer expectations with digitalization

To satisfy growing consumer demand for customization Boas Furniture is pursuing a policy of producing high quality products offered at competitive prices to the middle- and high-end furniture market.

The Versalis digital leather cutting solution is helping Boas Furniture to meet this demand by responding faster to the ever-changing trends of the furniture market and gain greater control over their production processes. 

Unlike the old manual leather cutting methods, digital leather cutting provides production traceability and data-driven decision-making. Easy to operate, Versalis offers rapid leather scanning, defect ranking, higher leather utilization rates, leather task management, and enhanced reporting functions. 

Boas Furniture has registered a 20% increase in output since expanding its leather-cutting capacity with Versalis. This has enabled the company to take on increasingly more orders with greater assurance. 

With Versalis, Boas Furniture achieves greater manufacturing flexibility and is in a much better position to handle production variability.


Improved leather cutting efficiency and product quality

Lectra is helping Boas furniture tame the high cost of leather by reducing its cost per cut part. The Versalis digital leather-cutting solution gives furniture manufacturers the flexibility they need to improve cutting efficiency while maintaining product quality.

Jiman Qiu, CEO, Boas Furniture says, “With implementation of Versalis, we have enhanced our manufacturing agility and offset workforce shortages despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. The solution’s high degree of flexibility ensures smooth production operations.” 

Versalis makes it easy to surpass day-to-day leather-cutting challenges. Its outstanding production quality significantly reduces reliance on worker expertise in traditional techniques and improves production flexibility to successfully make the leap from labor-intensive manual cutting to a fully digital leather-cutting process. 

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Our systems are permanently connected to Lectra’s call center via built-in sensors and counters, enabling Lectra experts to take preemptive action even before a failure occurs at Boas Furniture. Thanks to Lectra’s support services, 80% of manufacturing-related problems can be resolved quickly and remotely.

Jiman Qiu

CEO Boas Furniture


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