Versalis Furniture


Begin your digital revolution with Versalis, the Industry 4.0-ready leather cutting solution for mass-produced furniture.


Introducing Versalis

Available in five configurations, Versalis brings value, speed and precision to your cutting room. Discover how you can increase hide savings, boost productivity and obtain precise production information with Versalis.

Customer voice

DFM supports booming growth with Lectra’s Industry 4.0-ready Versalis

“With the offline process, we have increased cutting efficiency and productivity, achieved significant material savings and can offer shorter lead times for production orders.”

Tomasz Mazurowski

Leather Department Manager, DFM

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What You’ll Gain

Omnia leathers

See for yourself

Versalis in action

See how digitalizing your cutting room with Versalis allows you to work faster, minimize rework and wasted material, and consistently produce high quality cut pieces.

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Your guide to Versalis

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Product brochure

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